Affiliate marketing is on the rise and is becoming an indispensable skill to learn for successful entrepreneurs.

Your digital success shouldn’t only last a few weeks. Too many digital boot camps get you amazing results in the short term.

But long term, sales sag and you are back to searching for a solution. That’s where Hansen and Sara Young come in. They have started The Digital Worth Academy to give you the start you need to excel in this line of work.

The Digital Worth Academy has really brought to my lap an entire avenue of possibilities in which I can take to become a prime entrepreneur.

I am currently making $50k a month with the skills I’ve learned in affiliate marketing, as well as doing lead generation for businesses.

Today, I will be reviewing this course along with comparing it with lead generation.

Who are Hansen & Sara Young?

Allow me to introduce you to Andrew Hansen and Sara Young.

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This power duo have combined forces to overcome short-sighted sales strategies.

Andrew Hansen is a leading SEO specialist and affiliate marketer.

Sara Young has been a leading niche affiliate marketer with years of success and strong sales.

Their Digital Worth Academy is about long-term growth and lasting digital prosperity.

Digital Worth Academy Summary

This course is a great start to building long term success through affiliate marketing.

So, what’s the difference between a short-term plan and a long-term plan?

With a short term plan, you can expect results in a short amount of time, while a long-term plan is something you can build toward as you go for a long time.

Most digital courses focus on getting a spike in sales. This is a lot easier than you think. The problem is that doesn’t pay off in the long run.

So, while the spike can be exciting, any course that states it’s quick money is usually not sustainable or able to grow.

Real business success comes from consistent growth. That is an entirely different approach to digital marketing

With Digital Academy the focus will be in planning for business growth, rather than immediate sales success. Here is what you get:

·         A comprehensive plan that covers all the bases of building a digital marketing strategy

·         A series of checklists that help you stay on track with every campaign

·         An introduction to the best marketing tools available for digital success

·         Understanding the metrics for long-term sales growth

It is a 10 week program. Sara and Hansen themselves, along with many other coaches in their team will provide live support and webinars.

The course itself contains 7 sections (over 30 modules) and almost 150 videos to assist you.

It also gives you access to tools that will give you a step up in web building such as:

With so many resources at your disposal with this program, you’ll have the knowledge you need to thrive by the end of it.

The team of Hansen and Sara will focus in helping you identify low competition areas online that also drive big profit.

By tapping into these pockets of lucrative buyers, you can sustain lasting sales momentum.

They show you how to implement shorter content marketing strategies that amp up to pages that continuously capture all levels of buyers.

They zero in on SEO that is different than most short-term sales strategies. Their SEO approach looks at the big picture and how to create a snowball effect that keeps on growing.

You will never hear about the latest hacks or get rich in days schemes. Digital Worth Academy is legit and is mature enough to know that real online business needs time to grow.

If you have the patience to learn and the patience to grow your business, you will see the outcome in case studies presented by Hansen and Sara.

You will become one of the long-term power players who earn monumental revenue consistently over months and years.

In Digital Worth Academy you will see how these long-term plans not only maintain hefty sales numbers but grow them.

After all, that is what you came here for, right?

They will reveal how long-term buyers are loyal buyers. Their strategy for building this following isn’t any quick fix secret. It is smart, digital marketing given to you for your personal success.

Many students have gone on to sell their digital properties at a huge profit. Why? Because they had enduring success and big numbers to prove it.

Those short-term sites that boast big sales on YouTube are mostly fly by night. They are lucky to maintain those robust sales figures for more than a year.

Invest in digital growth that’s long-term with the Digital Worth Academy. So that you may be able to achieve the success akin to many others before you.

The Digital Worth Academy Great, But What I’ve been Doing for Passive Income in 2019 has been Substantial

It’s a a very simplistic process.

It begins with an entrepreneur struggling with getting clients.

Put simply, they need clients to make the deals they need to survive.

So, they go to people like us for help.

We build websites that can generate leads for them, allowing them to get more clients and make deals.

Before going any further, I’d like to share what I’ve done for this limo service:

But how does it compare to affiliate marketing?

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Why I Think Lead Generation is Great

As you can see, it is topping the results in the search engine. This is very important.

You most likely wouldn’t really go further than the second page of search results, right?

That’s why after starting the website you would then need to rank it up the results. This may take some time, but it’s what makes the website valuable to the company.

However, once it’s up there, you won’t need to spend a second longer with that website. Just sit back and watch it earn you money.

And my favorite part: Every site you make, you own. No worries if a company drops you, just find another to forward those leads to.

Here is a tree service company site that’s been earning me $2000 a month:

Amazing right?

This lead generation course will get you started before you delve into the world of lead generation.

There are many others who have joined up with the community before even I did!

And they’re willing to help you out when you need it.

Our Facebook community is very active and we even hold events that are attended by people around the world.

Our most recent trip in 2019 was to Las Vegas!

There is a world to explore and we hope to take the first step with you.

You won’t have any regrets!

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