Because of the growing success of affiliate marketing, many entrepreneurs jump into the game without a lot of knowledge.

They quickly and often impulsively select a product and get down to promoting. This usually leads to failure.

If you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the discipline that successful affiliates do, the process can be disappointing.

To prosper in the affiliate field, you need the guidance of a pro who knows the ins and outs.

I’ve purchased a plethora of courses out there and I have implemented most of their strategies. Brko’s “Easy Affiliate Bucks’ course helped me make money in affiliate marketing, and when I combined that with a specific business lead generation strategy that I learned about in a different course, I was scaling my income like crazy.

In this article, I will be reviewing Brko’s course and I will compare it with the methods I learned that got me to $50k / month by building digital assets to get leads..

Who is Brko Banks?

Brko Banks is a professional affiliate marketer who has launched numerous product campaigns and easily makes six figures. This didn’t come easy at first.

He had to experience the trial and error process of learning the ropes of the affiliate business.

Now he brings all his streamlined intel to anyone ready to learn. It’s essentially a direct line to the most successful approaches for affiliate beginners.

Easy Affiliate Bucks Summary

Brko focuses on the ClickBank model for his affiliate strategy. He finds ClickBank to be the easiest to operate from the back end and one of the best ways to earn money faster.

The platform you use is a small part of the equation. Brko takes you through the entire process.

He emphasizes that skipping over steps is the easiest way to lose business. That’s why he included comprehensive checklists to keep you on track.

Affiliate marketers need to know their niche. Chasing after huge audiences and broad product offerings is not only difficult but highly competitive.  Niches offer easy money with highly targeted audiences that are easier to reach.

Your storefront also has to be truly effective. That’s why Brko walks you through the steps to establishing an engaging landing page.

Copy, graphics and UX are all factors that really matter to site visitors. Brko shows you that you don’t need to be a tech nerd to build these sites.

Most are DIY and Brko streamlines the process to make it even easier.

That’s when you get into the real meat of the course. Brko takes you ion a deep dive of critical factors for affiliate success:

·         Researching the best products for selling

·         Growing your audience through social media

·         Creating attractive offers that drive sales

·         Developing compelling campaigns that bring those audiences to your site to buy

Brko takes you through numerous selling options from paid search campaigns and paid social, to organic growth driven by SEO. He reveals the essence of what a great conversion rate 

happens to be.

Brko doesn’t leave you with a strong, high-performing site. He takes it further.

He shows you the important details that go into scaling your business. Learn how to build out multiple sites targeting different audience segments.

With Brko’s help you can actually automate the whole process and sit back in your home office.

With affiliate marketing success, sales can be earned overnight while you sleep. And you don’t need anything more than a computer and a solid internet connection.

Brko easily offers one of the best affiliate training programs available. 

It Was Good To Learn, But This Is Where The Most Success Is Found…

Before elaborating more, here is how the two strategies compare:

My Favorite Parts About Business Lead Generation

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

This simple model will leave you amazed…

All it takes is the drive to help business owners and a knack for generating leads. 

Getting calls for local businesses is the best way to make a living from home. 

Use your marketing skills to get their websites ranked at the top! 

If I can do it, so can you. This is a website I created way back when I started, pay attention to the rank of the website:

The leads are what the business owners are after, and I deliver those to them effortlessly.  

As soon as I forward those leads, I know I’ll be making a whole lot of cash— and so will they.

And since I own all the websites I create, I always feel in control of what I do. 

The sites also keep their rankings, so I just have to worry about starting from scratch if someone decides they don’t need me anymore.

Just move the leads to someone else willing to pay.

That’s why it’s been the career I’ve relied on the most.

Five years and 80 sites later, I’m being paid a crazy amount of money from all the grateful business owners I’ve worked with. 

This is a website I made back in 2014. They’ve been paying me $2k a month without missing a payment:

So now you know the perks and what a 5 year commitment can do for you.

But what about those just starting out? 

Just generating leads for one company can get you raking in over $2k a month easily! 

I know because I’ve done it, and so have countless others. 

We’ve got a huge online community with people from around the world. And if you’ve got a problem there’s always someone who can help you out.

Here’s someone who is already making steps toward a sizable passive income:

With this course in business lead generation, you can also start earning passive income.

It’s as easy as following a simple process which is outlined in the training, step by step.

Gotta love the entrepreneur life!

Especially when you have ALL the tools to crush it!

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