Affiliate marketing is definitely creating well-paid entrepreneurs. Most think it has something to do with tech intel or marketing experience. It’s neither.

The underlying hacks to successful affiliate programs start with a few essential details.

Duston McGroarty is ready to reveal to you how affiliates are raking in the big money.

P5 Method built my skills with affiliate marketing. It’s for sure an important skill to have when you want to make passive income.

I’m currently making $50K per month with the skills I have from different methods of digital marketing.

Affiliate marketing was not the only approach I took to get to this point.

I have had major success through building my online lead generation properties by ranking them on Google and leveraging free traffic.

In this review of P5 Method, I will give you the low down. Is it worth the cost? In addition, how does it compare with other types of passive income streams?

Who is Duston McGroarty?

Duston McGroarty is no stranger to affiliate marketing. He has been managing his own online businesses for years. So, he knows the ins and outs.

He hated when scammers sell false info to newbies. That’s why he started his own bootcamp training course.

P5 Method Summary

Duston’s P5 Method is really the result of years of direct learning. He shaved away all the unnecessary info and got right to the most important points that make affiliate programs prosper.

·         Do your due diligence with product research

·         Define the best traffic sources for promotion

·         Grow a legit network

·         Continuously test, measure and optimize

·         Don’t let the changing landscape outpace your knowledge

If you’ve never done affiliate marketing before, Duston will be the first to emphasize the importance of product research. Know what’s hot and what’s dead.

This takes some intel. But Duston has some really important checklists you can use that will make the research process foolproof and easy.

Duston always calls out one of the biggest mistakes beginner affiliates make. They guess about promotional traffic platforms. This is a huge money-waster.

Dustin reveals the truly best platforms for launching campaigns. He has case studies to prove it and solid numbers that show success shouldn’t be a shot in the dark.

The hardest part of affiliate growth is the network. You run into crappy, unsound networks that waste your time and money.

That’s why Duston outlines the best networks to get started. He provides this as part of this course like it’s nothing. It’s one of the most valuable training modules you can get.

Duston is also a big fan of constantly watching your numbers. You can’t walk away from your spreadsheets and expect them to perform.

Take the time to see where you can test and enhance the performance of your ads. Duston gives you excellent best practice guidelines that help keep you on track.

Duston will be the first to tell you, when affiliate marketers get lazy, they lose. You have to keep up on your training.

Duston knows a lot of courses out there promote going on vacation and earning while you sleep. You will enjoy a lot more free time as your own boss, but you must remember you ARE the boss.

So, keep up on your training. Duston makes that easier too. He offers Facebook groups where you can stay in touch with him and other students and experts. You can hang out, trade secrets and keep each other informed on the best information out there.

Here’s your chance to turn your dreams of digital success into a steady and passive income.

Passive income is possible for anyone with the personal commitment. If you’re ready to learn affiliate marketing, join up with Duston.

Affiliate marketing isn’t the only path to that coveted passive income lifestyle.

I experimented with a lot of different paths before I found the one that really spoke to me, and allows me to be truly hands off.

Stay tuned while I dive into affiliate marketing vs. lead gen for local businesses. The latter is what I do as my main source of passive income, and it’s hella rewarding.

P5 Method Course Taught Me a Ton, But Here’s How I am Really Making Passive Cash in 2019…

So how does affiliate marketing compare to the local lead gen model?

Some Negatives I Experienced w/ Affiliate Marketing

So Why is Lead Generation MY Passive Income Pick?

So if you don’t know what lead gen is, let me fill you in on the basics..

It’s quite a simple process.

Say a small business in your area can’t find enough clients, or maybe they just want to expand into a new city.

Well, our job is to get them what they want. More business.

Our websites gain relevancy and help the business gain more clients along with it, simply by ranking it on Google for keywords that these clients are already searching for.

I’ve got this website generating leads for a limousine business I’m working with:

We begin by making a website and making it relevant on Google.

That’s how the clients find us.

So our website’s job is to forward calls from the clients to the business who is paying for our service.

And don’t worry about the maintenance.  Once the sites are ranked, they stay ranked with minimal to no maintenance.

Everything is owned by us. From the number we use for leads to what the website is used for.

Once a site is generating leads for a business, that business owner is happy to pay me month after month. That’s what makes it passive income. 

I’ve got 80 sites making money for me in unison.

Here’s another example of one. This is a tree care site:

I’ve been reeling in $2k a month from that site alone!

And don’t worry about getting lost when you first start.

There is a large, growing community out there that has taken the same course I did. Some are making even more than me as we speak, and scaling to upwards of 100k/m. There is no limit!

This lead gen for local businesses course will coach you to do everything to get started making your first steps in this career.

You’ll be just as passionate about this as I am when you see bank account grow, along with the businesses you are helping at the same time.

Check out a couple of pumped student posts from our Facebook group:

There are posts like this in our lead gen FB group every. single. day.

Maybe your success story will be next?

My only regret? I didn’t join up sooner!

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